Who we are

Youth Nest Uganda is a local youth organization based in Kampala Uganda, established to improve the income, welfare and mindset reformation of young people and their families through community income generating enterprises basing on three principles of Diligence, cooperation and self-help in all areas of Uganda. The organization was started in 2010 and incorporated in December 2013; it is non-partisan and non-profit making and led by young people and young professionals with a mindset of cooperation and a spirit of “together we can” from the board room right through to the field. We channel the indisputably positive power of people in order to bring about real change, progress and development using the Village Development Associations.

VISION: Improved economic conditions, health and social-wellbeing of Young people and a wealthy community responsibly contributing to national economic development


MISION: To give quality and sustainable programs towards the will to independently define one’s fate based on personal efforts, diligence and cooperation to young people and their communities.


Goal and Objectives

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to mindset reformation, eradication of poverty, food insecurity, increased house hold incomes and fostering a lasting quality life for rural communities.



I. To carry out village to village mobilization, sensitization and rural entrepreneurship training and mind set reform outreach programs to develop a spirit of diligence, self help and cooperation as a cultural thought among rural communities to improve on the people’s environments, enhance people’s standards of living and income generation

II. To mobilize and assist the project beneficiaries to organize themselves into Village Development Associations (VIDAs) to manage and sustain the activities initiated under the project and link them to the private sector to take advantage of the economies of scale in purchase of farm inputs; processing, transportation and marketing of agricultural produce; increase their market share and facilitate better access to credit and other financial services.

III. To assist communities, particularly the youth, to engage in fruit and tree growing and increase vegetable crop production for improved food security and income generation and promote awareness among the people of the value and importance of planting trees for environment improvement and protection.


IV. To encourage spontaneity of village residents to practice three (3) major spirits of Diligence, Self help and Cooperation (productive unity) so as to improve the livelihoods of the beneficiaries more especially the youth in the project areas through enhanced domestic food self-sufficiency, improved nutrition and increased incomes.

 V. To serve as a catalyst for the local people to engage in other off-farm economic activities and community development initiatives to improve their social networks, self-esteem, independence and overall well-being.  


YONU is committed to the following core values;


  • Integrity: We believe in transparency in our organization and in the process of doing our work, we believe that if you lose well you lose nothing if you lose because of health you lose some thing  and if you lose because of integrity you lose it all,



  • Equality: We believe that all human beings should have equal access to opportunities and participation. We believe that rural communities especially the youth have been marginalized and therefore, we deliberately work for the benefit of this category of people in our society


  • Participation: We believe in participation of our stakeholders in decisions that shape their lives. In this way we manage to harness the potential that these communities have for their development.


  • Self Determination: We believe that we are a local NGO, with a local but global development agenda. We believe in protecting our autonomy and setting and driving our own agenda.


  • Learning: We believe that development is a social experiment, with no blue prints but an exploratory process. We therefore seek to learn from what, why, and how we do it in our organizations and communities. We believe that learning should be the agenda of networking and partnership among development actors in the world.


  • Diversity: we believe in diversity in all areas of our work because we believe that we have much to learn and profit from diverse cultures and perspectives, and that diversity will make our organization more effective in meeting the needs of all our stakeholders and developing and maintaining an organization in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds and needs are fostered and valued, and where those with diverse backgrounds and experiences are able to participate and contribute.

  • Innovation and Creativity

Our History

In January of 2013, 5 young Ugandans convened in Kampala to brainstorm on the challenges of poverty in our house holds, unemployment, underemployment, etc faced by people in communities more especially the young in Uganda. Problems such as; fixed mindsets, lack of skills (mental & physical), household poverty, food insecurity, environmental degradation, among others were noted.

In order to effectively address these challenges, members unanimously agreed to form a youth organization called Youth Nest Uganda. A constitution was drawn and promulgated and the activities of this organization became legal with the issuance of a Registration Certificate No. 176384.


Board of Directors


YONU Organization structure is composed of Aboard of Directors headed by the Chair person whose work is to provide broad guidelines and recommendations to project direction. This board convenes thrice a year and comprises 6 members, 2 of whom are women 3 men and 1 chair person. The board is charged with the responsibility of running, reviewing, making and designing policies for the organization.


Joseph B. Mutembuzi (Programs Director)

He is an experienced gentle man in project implementation and the main architect of Youth Nest Uganda and has immensely contributed towards this organization right from the day of its birth. He has tirelessly worked to ensure that the organization is registered and gains national recognition. He coordinates the various projects under implementation. He is tirelessly doing everything he can to preach Youth Nest Uganda's mission and vision among fellows and to see each one understands it and works towards the achievement of the organizational objectives. He also has a certificate in the saemaul Undong development model adopted by the United Nations for developing countries.

 Kayesu Kunihira.A Etuket (Fundraising Director)

Together with the program Director and Resource Mobilization Manager she liaises with donors, Individuals, Organizations, Corporate bodies and local and international Agencies that would wish to work hand in hand with Youth Nest Uganda. She also plays the vital role of guiding and counseling our youth in starting their careers. Alice is a teacher by profession.


Kaneene Alex (Business Development Director)

A marketer by profession, Alex is the publicity secretary and Director Business Development with Youth Nest Uganda. In coordination with the Programs Director and Program Development Manager, he Identifies trendsetter ideas by researching related events, publications, and announcements; tracking individual contributors and their accomplishments. He has worked with different organizations as the marketing personnel. 


Ms. Mellisa Fiona (Director Administration and Human Resources)

She runs Youth Nest Uganda’s day to day business in coordination with the Project Manager including staff recruitment, training, retention and motivation, Mellisa also identifies and coordinates the training needs of our beneficiaries; oversee the selection of volunteers, their training and motivation.


 Mr. Ouma John (Finance Director)

John is a prominent Youth Nest Uganda treasurer and partnership coordinator. Together with the Finance coordinator he is tirelessly doing everything he can to see each cash received does exactly that it is required to do and He advises the board on matters concerning proper use of project funds.


Management Team

The organization’s Project Management /Implementation Unit comprises YONU Management and staff, headed by the Programs Director.

Mr. Ekaju Doniel - Project Manager

Ms Baseke Betty - Resource Mobilization Manager

Mr. Walozi Osca- Project Operations/HR Manager

Mr. Okiria Francis - Program development Manager






Who we serve

The organization targets to serve rural communities that are at the lowest part of the pyramid, the small holder farmers and unemployed young people.


Capacity building

i.Training; this service is provided to members who have governance and management challenges in business. Under this program, needs assessment studies are performed to ensure that the needs of YONU members are understood and considered before training intervention is designed. We have a number of training programs throughout the year.


ii.Mentoring; this service is provided to members who wish to start business or those in business but facing challenges of sustainability. This is geared towards motivating and guiding young people to persist in growing their businesses. Additionally it builds confidence among youth as they plan to undertake businesses or implement their business plans. YONU provides mentoring services in partnership with other organizations and individuals.


 iii.Business counseling; some members come seeking individual guidance on how to start, sustain or grow business. They have good ideas but they are not the most appropriate for their situation. We provide a day for counseling sessions on appointment and invite experienced individuals and members to provide counsel.


  iv. Net working;

 At YONU we believe providing opportunities for young people to meet and share experiences of how to get jobs, start, sustain and grow business and make a difference in a young person’s mind set. We also encourage youth to create a market for each other through personal contacts established when we bring them together with a common mind of starting business and employment opportunities.


  v. Resource centre;

Successful people always look for information to boost their ideas. Information is power and therefore YONU's goal is to start and equip members with as much information as possible; physically through book reading and virtually through the internet. Members will be free to access the resource centre at any time during the working days. Some of the physical publications we need to stock are on business, health, education, gender, finance and business development, nutrition, diet and beauty, business directories, gardening, Piggery, poultry and interior decorations, etc.


Volunteers are an important segment of our project workforce because they:

  • Open doors to certain sections of our local communities.

  • Share their experience, expertise, perspective and talent with our staff and project beneficiaries.

  • Extend our capacity to deliver services to those in need

  • Bring enthusiasm and passion to our work and

  • Raise our profile and community awareness about our programs and provide the image and credibility to our organization and its activities

Other proposed staff

Front-desk Officer

She/he is the person in charge of handling all our front desk enquiries, receives visitors and directs them to appropriate staff for assistance.

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Works hand in hand with management to implement our volunteer program




The project will involve the following substantive activities organized under five main components, namely: mindset reformation, financial inclusion, Income creation, Livelihood modernisation and Environment improvement and protection.

1. Mindset reformation program; This program aims at helping village youth in spiritual reformation from government/donor handouts dependency to diligence, self-help and corporation through public private partnerships mindset towards; Solving shortage of labor by enabling communities work in combined labor force, advancing technological support, Promotion of operating in groups and advance a positive cultural thought of ‘’together we can do it’’.

2. Financial inclusion program; This project is aimed at facilitating the provision of accessible, affordable and acceptable financial services to village members especially the youth by making each member bankable and able to practice savings, get access to financial services that will help them through partnership with a reputable bank.

3. Income creation program; This program is aimed at building production base of agriculture sector by increasing labor productivity, focusing on construction of water supply facilities for agriculture use by building reservoirs, Initiating a large scale comprehensive agriculture development plan by the villages themselves and Improving agriculture production structure through development of cash crops, live stock breeding from subsistence agriculture through joint work places

4. Livelihood Modernization program; This project is aimed at improving the quality of life. VIDA is a movement for spiritual and cultural thoughts to actualize a mature citizenship and civil society by solving the problem of awareness of order, moral hazard and luck of responsibility by presenting an image of sound citizen and enhance democratic citizenship

5. Environmental improvement and protection program; This project aims at promoting environmentally friendly activities by getting village residents interested in more and more environmental problems, energy, resources and the natural environment.



                                          TO SUPPORT OUR PROGRAMS PLEASE

                                 CONTACT  YOUTH NEST UGANDA

                                BOX 148 ENTEBBE UGANDA OR

                                           Email; youthnestuganda@yahoo.com

                                      OR CALL ON Tel: +256 772 916 894


There are many ways to help us and there are many ways to help others. If you are already involved in some form of charitable work, if you are already giving some portion of your time to improve the world then we applaud you and pray that you continue. We hope you will keep us in mind when you meet someone who might connect with this project.. If YONU is where you want to invest your time or your charitable donations we welcome you and thank you for choosing to join us in this project.


                                                                                                Your support means alot to us and the Young   people of Uganda









                                     YOUTH NEST UGANDA      (YONU)                    
                     “sharing the journey to the peak of the pyramid”